Pre-filtration is the first step in cleaning your water. This is the process through which water is taken through a prefilter to remove sediment, dirt, and other larger particles of suspended matter. It is a very important process that helps prevent your system from clogging.


Pre-filters facilitate pre-filtration by catching large particles of matter such as sand, silt, rust, and dirt.

There are generally two types: sediment prefilter, which catches most of the particulate matter, and carbon prefilters which remove chemical contaminants like pesticides, benzene, chlorine, and heavy metals.

Benefits of using a pre-filter

  • It protects the primary filter from degrading too fast by catching impurities that make them susceptible to damage.
  • It gets rid of the sediment and large particles that could clog your system
  • It reduces unpleasant colors and odors in water by eliminating silt and rust.
  • It eventually saves your clothes from staining and changing color
  • It helps protect your plumbing and appliances from corrosive water components

Choosing the right pre-filter

To pick the right filter, there are several factors to consider, including:

  1. Amount of water - Generally, the more water that needs to be filtered, the more work your filter will have. For instance, a 2.5" diameter filter is excellent for single point-of-use applications but hardly big enough for whole-house filtration.
  2. Type of sediment - The type of contaminant in your water will determine whether you choose a sediment or carbon prefilter.
  3. Placing of the filter system - The location of your filtration system will determine how easy or hard it is to install your prefilter. For instance, prefilters with metal pipe coupling are easier to install and perfect for places that are hard to work with.
  4. Water temperatures - Your prefilter should also be able to handle hot or cold temperatures without malfunctioning.


Your pre-filter is probably the one filter you need to change more often, mainly if your water contains a lot of sediment. You can change it as often as necessary. You know it is time to change it when your system produces water more slowly.

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