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A versatile reverse osmosis system that relieves your water from contaminants and enriches it with healthy minerals.

Aquaphor RO-102S

€429.00  €499.00

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New Arrival

Drinking Water Filter

Watch out contaminants


A part of municipal water preparation. Kills microorganisms. Destroys water taste and smell.

Water Hardness

Excess of minerals diminishes cooking skills. Also, damages home appliances.

Lead & Heavy Metals

The old piping heritage. Dramatically persistent to stay inside our joints, bones ad nerves.

Iron in tap Water

A visible sign of old pipes or poor water preparation. easily reduced by a mechanical filter.

Arsenic: the Global Toxin

Natural born poison concentrated in the groundwater in certain regions.

Drugs in tap Water

The downsides of industrial food growing, accessible medication and anti-aging beauty products.
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